RiverCity Sportswear - Alamo Drafthouse

Welcome to the Laticrete “Collective” e-Store!

Here you can take advantage of the collective buying power of the entire Laticrete company, to reduce costs by automatically consolidating orders for the same product, over a 48 hour period to achieve group volume discounts.

If you choose the “OPT-IN” feature, you will be made aware of current discount opportunities through an email that will supply a quick and easy link to view the products in the company order queue, anytime a product is ordered.

Using the “WISH LIST” feature, you will only receive notifications of current discount opportunities on products that you have pre-selected as items that you wish to purchase.

It’s that easy!

How it works:

- Each product ordered will be part of a 48 hour consolidation window for bulk discounts across the entire company

- At the beginning of the 48 hour window, email notifications can be sent (with option to opt-out) to other Laticrete buyers, alerting them to the opportunity to order in the next 48 hours for deeper discounts.

- Open opportunities for bulk discounts will also be viewable within the eStore.

Please enter the store passcode and set up an account for your venue to continue: